Cross On The Hill - Livermore, California - Altamont Pass

After the daughter of the hillside property owner was Saved in 1989 she had a vision to build a Cross on the site after she saw a sign on an overpass saying “Jesus Saves”.   At that time with the help of Bethel Family Church in Livermore, she constructed a Cross slightly north of the Cross today on the steeper side of the hill. When the family moved out of state in 2004, a group of men in a Bible Study at Cornerstone Fellowship in Livermore were asked thru the pastor if they could maintain the Cross in the family’s absence.

The men soon took notice how many cars passed East bound on 580 during the evening commute and on weekends, so with God’s guidance they decided to make the Cross more prominent and larger.

A large rock was placed as the cornerstone marker in the center of the “soon to be” enlarged Cross. A land surveyor from the Bible Study laid out the 550 ft. tall by 240 ft. wide Cross you see today. Once the Cross was in place it was decided to lay out “Jesus Saves” in the middle of the Cross, furthering the message of the Gospel like the original message the property owner had done.

Sometime afterwards it was decided to string Christmas lights on the Cross so it could be lit during Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter. This was not without complaints, but the Cross being on private property prevailed under God’s hand.

Shortly before Easter 2010 Lloyd LaCuesta of KTVU ran a Valley Times story on the Cross which God expanded His audience to the whole Bay Area.

After 2010 the lights were changed out to LED lights requiring significantly less power. In the Spring of 2016 a new brighter and whiter set of LED lights were installed. During the Christmas holidays in 2014 it was decided to light the Cross nightly as it is done today.

More than 55 million cars (Pre-COVID 19) drive by the Cross each year East bound, all which are reminded of the Love of God and the necessity of Salvation thru Jesus.

The Cross continues to be maintained by spirit filled men from a number of congregations here in the Tri-Valley area that volunteer both time and tools. The Cross is financially maintained entirely by private donations that are 100% utilized for the maintenance of the Cross thru a tax deductible non-profit organization.

Please keep the Cross and those who maintain it in your Prayers.

We appreciate all the positive email feedback we receive from those who see and are Blessed by the Cross.